Contact Details

For more information about SBOL or to be added to the SBOL Developers mailing list, please email the SBOL Editors at

For more information on libSBOL, contact the libSBOL mailing list at Bugs and pull requests for libSBOL can be submitted via Github at

For more information on SBOL Visual, contact the SBOL Visual Working Group Leads at

Many of the SBOL working group mailing lists are hosted on Google Groups.  If you wish to join a group, go to the Google Group Directory at and search for SBOL.  Once you find a group you are interested in joining, click on the link to load that Group; after the Group page has loaded, click on the "Apply for Membership" or "Join Group" links or buttons (the verbiage differs depending on the settings placed on that mailing list.)  If you can't find the list you are looking for, please contact

Announcement and Discussion Groups

SBOL Announce

SBOL Announce is a Google Group intended for announcements about upcoming events and SBOL specification or library releases.

SBOL Developers Group

The SBOL Developers group (SBOL-dev) is a Google Group intended for detailed discussions about the SBOL specification and the library (libSBOL). To join the developers group, contact the SBOL Editors at