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SBOL 10: Workshop at UC Berkeley, 7-9 January 2014

The next SBOL Workshop will take place at UC Berkeley on January 7-9th, 2014. 

For this workshop, we are establishing the first day (Tues, Jan 7) as a SBOL Hackathon! All are encouraged to attend. 

More information to follow. 

Travel Scholarships

Travel scholarships will be available to students and post-docs who need funding assistance to travel to UC Berkeley. Scholarships will be administered by the Bio-Design Automation Consortium. See attached file for the full scholarship description. 

To apply, submit the following to
  •  Your name and email address
  •  Your school and year of study (e.g., junior, 2nd year graduate student)
  • A brief summary of your scientific research and work experience
  • Your expected travel expenses
  • A short statement detailing why you seek support and how you plan to participate in the workshop and the SBOL effort.
Scholarship applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis starting November 8th. Questions can be directed to

Jackie Quinn,
Oct 25, 2013, 2:04 PM