SBOL Developers

SBOL development is collaborative effort involving nearly 80 representatives from 24 academic and government institutions and 12 companies, collectively known as the SBOL Developers Group. 

SBOL Working Groups

An SBOL Working group is a group of people working on an SBOL project defined by its scope. It should have at least two members from different institutions and have a "charter", which is an acknowledgement by the SBOL Developers that a working group should continue to operate as an SBOL project. Charters are renewed by a vote at the workshops. A working group is recognized as an SBOL project and therefore gets a webpage on and its representatives are expected to report on progress every six months at the SBOL workshop.


SBOL developers workshops are face to face meetings, held on a regular basis.


SBOL development is governed and managed in a democratic and open forum.